4 Reasons to Adopt Omni-Channel Retail

Omni-channel retail is a sales approach that provides an integrated shopping platform, ensuring the customer is thoroughly satisfied notwithstanding the service channel – whether it is online shopping or the regular brick and mortar shopping. The retail approach of Omni-channel applies to different sectors including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, social media, and government. Regular contact between customer and a company is important in Omni-channel retail to ensure the customer feedback are well represented. Here are few benefits of Omni-channel retail that underlines its efficacy.

Multiple Options

Omni-channel retail offers customers a variety of touch-points and options in different locations and different modes of sales operations. Whether a customer is using a smartphone app for online business, an in-store catalog for interactions, or the retailer’s website, every component operates efficiently in order deliver a cohesive customer experience.

Customers are encouraged to use More Channels

Studies have shown that more customers now enjoy their shopping experience with the availability of different platforms. Many customers can now use different platforms for their shopping – they could use an online store for their clothing for example, while a mortar and brick store could be used for their grocery supplies. This translates to a higher frequency of contact with businesses and potentially translates to higher spend value.

Integrated Customer Experience

A business model that offers an Omni-channel approach accounts for each platform to ensure the customer is satisfied across all platforms. This will help align their goals, objectives, techniques, design, and messaging across each channel to ensure an integrated customer experience.


An Omni-channel strategy meets the needs of customers on demand. With the online presence factor, customers would enjoy fast delivery of their orders – at an affordable cost. Customers would also be able to order online, manage their order and ensure these orders are delivered at their doorstep – right on time!

Disney is an ideal case study of an Omni-channel strategy for a company, paying attention to even the smallest details. The mobile-responsive website makes it user-friendly for customers to access their trip planning website where you can plan your entire trip – with an opportunity to select desirable attractions, as well as assess the wait time for each attraction site. With the release of Disney’s Magic Band Program, the experience is now all the more interesting. The Magic Band Program acts as a hotel room key, food ordering tool, and photo storage device for pictures taken of you with Disney Characters. This is truly an all-round Omni-channel experience!

Omni-channel retail allows retailers an opportunity to be expansive in competing favorable with similar retail businesses. Business today has moved on from the regular walk-in stores in the locality – and Omni-channel strategy is the only way to not just compete, but satisfy lots of customers across several platforms. Competitiveness, profitability and integrated customer experience is the highlight of an Omni-channel strategy – these factors ensure its efficacy!

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